Recycle for Cash

Recycle for cash and help protect the environment with services from Star Recycling in Jackson, Ohio. Because metal prices slightly fluctuate, call us at (866) 671-4312 for current recycling rates.
Woman with Money - Recycle for Cash

Instant Cash

We provide you with cash payments for recyclables and unwanted junk vehicles. Our scales are calibrated annually and state approved so they are accurate and ensure you receive proper payment.

As a customer-driven operation, we will assist the elderly and disabled with unloading and weighing their loads. We never let any customer struggle with their recyclables.


Recycling is a great way to prevent clutter in your home or business. It's also a great alternative to just throwing away unwanted items. We divert materials from the landfills, which helps preserve the environment. Other benefits of our service include:

• Convenience • Cash Payments • Fast & Friendly

We Pay Cash for: 

• Brass
• Copper
• Aluminum Cans
• Junk Cars
• Scrap Iron
• Stainless Steel
• Trucks
• Farm Equipment
• Aluminum Semitrailers


We Recycle: 

• Appliances • Steel food cans  • Tin



We have two rollbacks to pick up junk autos/trucks/SUVs. As with your recyclables, we pay cash upon purchase for your vehicles. Although we don't offer rollout services, we pick up customers' containers.

Contact our facility to turn items that you would've thrown away into cash on the spot.